Homestead Pavilion

I’m still trying to find out through all of my various resources the official (or even unofficial) grand opening dates for both Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse. It’s been fun watching these two restaurants be built from the ground up since the latter part of last year. It’s as if the’re racing against each other. I’m so looking forward to eating at both of these fine dining establishments in just a few short months. Look for me there on most Sunday afternoons after Life Pointe Church.

FINALLY – I can now confirm that Red Lobster is indeed coming to the Homestead Pavilion, and it will be physically located right at the southwest corner of the property (closest to the traffic light and intersection with Campbell Drive and SE 23RD Ave. / SW 157TH Ave). Look for groundbreaking to occur on the 7,137 square foot joint later this year.

Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, and Red Lobster are all owned and operated by the same parent corporation – Darden Restaurants.

Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– I’m glad to be back at home again tonight.
– This was clearly the busiest week at work for me in modern history.
– It was also the most productive week in modern history.
– As far as my career is concerned modern history = since the end of July 2007.
– My career renaissance continues.
– I am visibly exhausted from this week at work.
– I had planned all week to attend a party tonight up at Dave & Busters.
– I’m not gonna make it.
– I put myself on the injured exhausted reserve list.
– Hopefully I’ll still get invited to future shindigs.
– Up until the very end I thought that I would have to cancel my day off.
– Nope. I didn’t have to cancel it.
– My 3-day weekend has already begun.
– I’ll be back at work for another busy week come Monday morning.
– What will I do on my day off tomorrow ?
– Maybe I’ll eat an ENORMOUS breakfast at Denny’s.
– Maybe I’ll go and get a haircut at Woody’s.
– Maybe I’ll go and do some grocery shopping at Publix.
– Maybe I’ll do some laundry aqui a mi casa.
– Maybe I’ll go to The Shops At Sunset Place (my former playground).
– Maybe I’ll see a movie there.
– Maybe I’ll hang out with Patricia and Venus at this place.
– It should be a fun Friday off for me tomorrow with whatever I actually do.
– Don’t forget the ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ tomorrow.
– I’m identifying my favourite blog entries of this past week.
– One of them will win the coveted ‘Major Bloggie Award’.
– Will it be yours ?
– Peace be with you.
– And also with you.
– I’m chillin’.