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TONIGHT I prepared for my weekly Life Pointe Church Life Group which I will be meeting up with tomorrow night. (Yes Patricia and Venus – I actually did my homework for this week.)

I read a couple of excellent recommended parables tonight within the Book of Luke in the New Testament:

Story Of The Good Samaritan – Luke 10:30-37
This dude was viciously attacked and brutalized by street thugs and left for dead by the roadside. Two cats just walked on by and ignored him as he laid there crippled. Then along came a good neighbour who stopped everything that he was doing to help the dude out and bring him to comfort and safety. He was a rare man then, and I think that he’s still a rare man today. Why can’t we all be more like that Good Samaritan ?

Story Of The Lost Son – Luke 15:11-31
This crazy young cat explored the world all around him and loved it all. He lavished in the evil and the darkness until he had nothing left. He was left for dead due to his own devices. He went back home and begged for mercy. His Father totally embraced him and forgave him for his sins. The crazy young cat was once lost and dead to Satan, but now he was found and reborn again to his Lord and Saviour. He experienced a euphoric new Life forever after. It was a journey that he had never experienced before. I can relate to that crazy young cat. I am him !

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