Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– School is back in session again here in Miami-Dade County.
– At least it is for the teachers.
– This morning’s typical drive to work was 10 times busier than it’s been lately.
– That’s because all of the teachers were on the road !
– They were frantically getting to their schools.
– They were making pit stops at gas stations to get gas, coffee, and donuts.
– The kids go back to school this Monday.
– I can hardly wait for out-of-control school buses to be back on the roads again.
– This Monday is the 17TH anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.
– He changed the Greater Homestead area forever.
– 3 out of every 4 Homestead residents today did NOT live through Andrew.
– I did.
– It was the most horrific experience of my entire life.
– And I wasn’t even in Homestead at the time.
– I was bunkered down at a house in West Kendall near SW 100TH St.
– First sight outside – a U-Haul on the top of the roof of another house.
– We’ve come a long way since then Homestead.
– Together we stand.
– It’s the 232ND day of 2009.
– This year is over 63½% done and over with.
– The 2ND decade of this new millennium is just 19 weeks away.
– 2010 is going to be totally MASSIVE for me.
– It will be the most important year of my entire Life.
– Well those are my spontaneous ‘Mini Thoughts’ for this Thursday night.
– Oh – before I go – don’t forget about the ‘Disco Party’ tomorrow night.
– I’ve got a jam that my friend Ela was probably dancing to when she was 19.
– That’s when she ruled the Miami dance club scene.
– When you hear it you will definitely get up and dance like a maniac.
– There’s nothing wrong with that.
– Until then you can follow me on Twitter at majorhitwaves.

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