My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

Skillet out of Memphis Tennessee have been one of the most consistent Christian rock bands of my fantastic journey over the past 36 months. They’ve hit me hard with 6 big radio hits including “Rebirthing”, “The Last Night”, “Comatose”, “Live Free Or Let Me Die”, “Whispers In The Dark”, and “Hero”. The first 5 of those hits came from their 2006 album “Comatose”. Their hot new album “Awake” drops at retail and online next Tuesday (August 25TH), and it includes “Hero”.

I’ve purposely held on to Skillet’s “Rebirthing” to feature it on this specific week here on “My Fantastic Journey”. It’s the 3RD anniversary of my “Rebirthing”. My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ rescued me from the darkness, saved me, and led me with His open arms into the daylight. He did all of this over a short period of time, and I didn’t even realize what was going on until later when He made it all evident to me. The fantastic journey had already begun for me, as He was guiding and directing me¬†towards a different direction. My life became a Life. I was alive. I was reborn. I experienced a “Rebirthing”. All at the age of 39.

This song was on the radio for me in the beginning:

Rebirthing now !
I wanna live for love – wanna live for You and me.
Breathe for the first time now – I come alive somehow.

Rebirthing now !
I wanna live my Life – wanna give You everything.
Breathe for the first time now – I come alive somehow.

It’s in the lyrics:

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