Life Pointe Church Plantation Key Lime Pie

Build a church in Plantation Key just off U.S. 1 near Mile Marker 90, and they shall come – they being our newest Life Pointe Church family members that live in the Upper Florida Keys. We had an awesome turnout for our official grand opening launch, and God’s Kingdom just keeps on expanding from South Miami-Dade County straight into Northern Monroe County. Did you see that ?  That was the sight of the devil running hurriedly away from here.

After talking with a bunch of our newest family members, eavesdropping on a few others, and reading all of the connection cards I have determined that we are exactly what was desperately needed in the local neighbourhood. We got a whole bunch of ‘Welcomes’, and it appears that a whole bunch of you are here to stay. Some of you want to join the band, and others of you wish to receive more information on how to serve on the hospitality team, at the office, and with the kids. If you’re not quite sure about serving right about now then just keep on showing up praising, worshipping, and adoring Jesus. Eventually the time may be right to serve Him as well.

Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

1.  A.J. has her voice back, and ‘Dr.’ J.T. was also back in action this morning at Life Pointe Church in Homestead Florida. Sicknesses are slowly dissipating, and good health is returning all around. Let’s keep it that way. May everyone feel strong and healthy during this upcoming holiday season. This Tuesday night two Life Groups will be joining forces at the home of A.J. and J.T. (postponed from last week) as we enjoy a Veterans Day holiday night of food, fun, and fellowship. Richie N. challenged me to an all-you-can-eat-a-thon. I can dig that. Apparently Richie has never seen me eat before. He’s in for a rude awakening. Then again I’ve never seen Richie eat before. We’ll see how it all goes down.

2.  All 3 services were all jammin’ big-time this morning. Julio of 91.9-CALL-FM fame led the band this morning, and he sounded totally awesome dude. I don’t particularly care for his radio deejay skills, but the cat knows how to sing loud and proud. GREAT WORK !

3.  Lead Pastor Travis kicked-off a fresh new message series this morning, and this time we’re in the Old Testament diving into the Book of Jonah. He’s known as ‘The Reluctant Prophet’. He’s a dove – a peaceful one. God will often ask us to do things that we don’t want to do. We should always do what God asks us to do. He knows best. He’s Almighty. We should never ever think that we know better than Him. If we stray away from Him then He will no doubt send a storm our way to grab our attention. Jonah’s worst nightmare was exactly what he needed, and sometimes it takes a nightmare for us to see the light ahead with God at the helm.

November 09TH - 30TH at Life Pointe Church
November 09TH - 30TH at Life Pointe Church

TONIGHT at 6 PM we officially launch our Plantation Key campus. I’ll be there. I’ll tell you all about it in a special Sunday night edition of the ‘Tossed Salad’.