Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

1.  Last Tuesday I mentioned that I ‘felt a real subtle hint of a possible 8TH cold in 12 months coming on’ that morning. For the past week I’ve been denying the mere existence of any such cold since I only had sporadic sinus and drainage problems in one specific location – my right nostril. Over the past couple of days it’s gotten worse, but I still refused to acknowledge it as my 8TH cold in 12 months. It’s sort of like that Tropical Wave in the Caribbean that looks impressive on radar but is not classified as an organized Tropical Depression. This morning I took a Zicam (RapidMelts with Vitamin C), and I instantly felt better. I took another one 3 hours later, and I felt even better. I just took another one, and I think that my cold is gone. As a result of these quick developments I do hereby declare that my 8TH cold in 12 months did actually occur, and it is now done and over with !

2.  Just like my cold that is now done and over with before I even acknowledged that it had even started in the first place it appears that our U.S. economy may actually be coming out of a recession right around the same time that it is officially announced that we were actually in a recession over the past 6 months. That’s the way that it always seems to work out. Americans find out that the recession is over as they find out that it actually existed. This just in – 9 out of 10 Americans don’t really know what a recession is even though they use the term loosely as a crutch to blame all of their personal problems on.

3.  According to my friend Ritz Kelly-Kel of 91.9-CALL-FM apparently talked about my ‘born-again’ story this morning on her radio show. The Call was the device that Jesus utilized to grab a hold of me and rescue me from the darkness 27 months ago on a random morning in August of 2006. If it weren’t for The Call then virtually all of you reading this blog would have never met me, and I would not be here today with this blog. One day I’m going to visit The Call and tell my story in-person on-the-air LIVE !

4.  Hace Fresco !  I’m liking this chilly air aqui en el Sur de Florida. This morning was our 2ND consecutive morning with actual air temperatures in the low-50s and wind-chills in the mid-40s. Tomorrow morning could be even colder with actual air temperatures dropping into the upper-40s and wind-chills in the low-40s. It’s a sneak-peek of what I can expect all next week north of Dallas Texas.

5.  Speaking of Dallas my Washington Redskins put on another embarrassing performance at night LIVE on national television for the second game in a row. Allow me to be blunt here. The Redskins are stinking up the joint right about now, and if they keep it up then they’ll be watching “Desperate Housewives” on TV on Sunday nights in January instead of celebrating a playoff victory. Let’s get it together team !  WIN ON 3 !  1-2-3-WIN !

Those are my thoughts right now. Thank You for sharing your time with me.