Bedtime Stories

TONIGHT at my Singles Life Group we talked about ‘Quality Time’. It’s yet another one of ‘The Five Love Languages For Singles‘. We talked about quality conversations, quality listening, and quality activities.

Here are some relatively short answers from me regarding some questions to ponder:

1.  To what degree was the love language of quality time spoken by your parents to each other, and to you ?  [Never.]

2.  Are you energized when you spend quality time with others, or does it tend to deplete you emotionally ?  [For the most part I’m energized, but if I’m part of – or not part of – a heavy conversation in which my particular responses would be totally different than everyone else’s – and everyone has a ‘feel-good’ story while I have a ‘bring-everyone-else-down’ story then that can be depleting emotionally.]

3.  With whom have you spent quality time this week ?  [Travis, Paul, Jesse, Alex, Anne, and Annie for a brief impromptu hour this past Monday morning at the Life Pointe Church offices, and Patricia, Venus, Tammy, and Evelin tonight at Life Group.]  Was your time together primarily quality conversations or quality activities ?  [Quality conversations.]

4.  Reflect on the dialects of quality time (conversations, listening, activities). Which dialect is most important to you personally ?  [Activities. I prefer doing things rather than talking about doing things.]  Where do you see the greatest need for improvement in your relationships with others ?  [Conversations – I’m not a good talker; however, if you knew me in a previous life more than perhaps two years ago then you’d think that I had completely broken out of my safety shell since then. In my previous life my viewpoints meant little to nothing to mostly everyone else around me. I’m not used to the attention that I get nowadays on this fantastic journey when I participate in meaningful conversations. It’s all so very new to me.]

Quality time. Find it. Treasure it. Create memories.

Have a safe and peaceful Wednesday night everyone. THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to spend it with me reading what’s on my mind tonight.