Saturday Night Retro

The month of November is chock-full of anniversaries for me. 28 years ago in 1980 me and my family moved from one side of Washington D.C. (Maryland) to the other side (Virginia). Our lives changed for the better on the opposite side of the Potomac River. 23 years ago in 1985 I moved out of the country for the first time ever courtesy of the USAF. That anniversary was actually last weekend. I flew from D.C. to London England, and then I took British Rail westward from London to Swindon. I took a taxi from Swindon to my new home at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. I did all of that just 5 months removed from my 18TH birthday.

I lived in the U.K. for some 105 fun-filled weeks. In fact this weekend is the 21ST anniversary of my departure from the U.K. – and U.S. homecoming. I would eventually arrive at – Homestead Florida !

I haven’t been back to the U.K. ever since I left, but you can bet that I will return some day for a visit. I enjoyed the time of my young life for two years over there, and I surely did ‘Live It Up’.

Here’s Australian super group Mental As Anything. They’ve been together for the past 32 years, and in 1985, 1986, and 1987 they scored the biggest worldwide pop smash of their entire career with this uplifting track that you may just remember from the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ movie. Check it out:  

Saturday Morning Shenanigans

Pinch-hitting this morning for ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’ – which has been postponed until a later date (possibly during Thanksgiving Week in Allen Texas) – it’s the return of the ‘Saturday Morning Shenanigans’.

Recently (during the week leading up to the 4TH Of July) me and my brother went to San Antonio Texas for 4 days and 3 nights. He actually went there on business, and I tagged along for fun. While he was working for his company at an expo at the Convention Center I was hanging out on the River Walk. Back on the 2ND of July I posted a special on-location edition of ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’ from the River Walk. It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to returning there soon.

We had an interesting southward view from our off-the-River-Walk hotel room. Straight out in the background was the 750-foot Tower Of The Americas. It was actually dwarfed by a much shorter hotel that was obviously closer to our hotel than the tower. Oh yeah – there was one other major object within our view from our hotel room – the mother of all Denny’s signs that was so MASSIVE and so bright (at night) that we could have used its light by itself to read a book from inside our room. It instantly became the running gag of our entire vacation there. My brother recalled a classic 1996 episode of ‘Seinfeld’ entitled ‘The Chicken Roaster’ in which Kramer is bothered by a MASSIVE red neon Kenny Rogers Roasters sign that beams directly into his apartment (and of course hijinks ensue).

San Antonio Texas - Hotel Room View - Looking South

San Antonio Texas - Hotel Room View - Looking South

Denny's - Zoomed-In Sign

Zoomed-In Sign