Friday Night Blogroll Review

These bloggers rock:

Travis explains who we are (and aren’t).

Kelly loves the chill in the air.

LL Phil J loves the South Florida weather, doesn’t believe in global warming, has a broken washing machine, loves his little dog, loves guns, loves the Hurricanes and the Dolphins, hates tax increases, and loves being the church.

Billy Finch has a new strategery for his blog – make it look more like mine. I present to you his ‘Thoughts’ … on a Tuesday !

Jesse and his family are preparing for something MASSIVE

So yeah Ritz is like a TV and a Radio star now. Yay Media !

Luci is counting down to Christmas – on January 25TH 2009 !

Nathan is ready to outsource his blog to foreign investors, but he’ll remain in control of it.

THANK YOU my fellow bloggers for doing your thing. Let’s keep on doin’ it !