The Major’s Miniature Golf-A-Thon

Miniature Golf Score Card
Miniature Golf Score Card

That’s the actual score card from this afternoon’s much-anticipated match-up between me and my brother (‘Bunky’). We determined and agreed that this was his best game in the entire 15-year history of us playing miniature golf together. He shot 3-over-par for a total of 39 points, and that included an unbelievable record-shattering six holes-in-one !  I on the other hand registered a very mediocre performance shooting 14-over-par for a total of 50 points. That included ten holes-in-two that I was very proud of.

A vacation is simply not a vacation until me and my brother have played a spirited round of miniature golf as well as a near-violent game of table air hockey. My brother scored a come-from-behind win at that this afternoon nipping me 7 to 6.

Venus D. – YOU’RE NEXT !!!

Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

If it’s Tuesday night then you just know what I’m up to – no matter where in the world I may be located at:

1.  I don’t have a cold yet. My 9TH cold in 13 months has not yet materialized. Give it a few days. It’ll make its presence known. I guarantee it. North Texas is full of germs. So are airplanes. I fly back in one this Saturday afternoon.

2.  I’ll be flying to South Florida this weekend on the 21ST anniversary of my very first flight to South Florida (from the Washington D.C. area). I landed at MIA on the 30TH of November in 1987, and I arrived so late in the night that it wasn’t until the wee hours of the 01ST of December that I actually arrived at my new home at (then) Homestead Air Force Base. I was 20 at the time. That was more than a half a life ago.

3.  Remember this family vacation of a lifetime that I identified in an early-September edition of these ‘Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’ ?:

America's Magnificent National Parks
Magnificent National Parks - Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, And Nevada

It’s not gonna happen. The trip has been cancelled due to a variety of logistical reasons. Now we’re planning a replacement trip for sometime during the Spring, Summer, or Autumn of 2009. I cast my vote for Bermuda (which I just mentioned this past weekend on the ‘Saturday Night Retro’). Maybe we’ll take a 5, 7, or 9 day cruise from the U.S. to Bermuda and back ?

4.  Yesterday was quite the ‘Tex-Mex’ day for me. For Lunch we ate at Chili’s (not my choice), and then for Dinner less than 5 hours later we ate at a place called Mexi-Go. I delighted in the ‘Guadalajara’. That – mis amigos – is a chicken enchilada, a cheese enchilada, a grilled chicken fajita taco, rice, and beans. Oh yeah we enjoyed the standard appetizer of chips and salsa at both joints. I can’t deal with anymore Mexican food until I return back home to the Mexican restaurant capital of South Florida – Homestead 33030.

5.  TOMORROW me and my brother are going to visit the place where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed John F. Kennedy exactly 45 years ago this past weekend. I’ve always wanted to visit this essential piece of world history. It’s a single event that lasted a few seconds that forever changed the United States Of America.

Those are my thoughts on this Tuesday night. I’m so glad that I could share them with you. Thank You for being a part of my Life.