Monday Night Countdown

I’ve never done it, but if I did it I would drive through 5 U.S. states to get from South Florida (south of Miami) to North Texas (north of Dallas). It would be over 1,400 miles of Interstate highway shenanigans. Maybe some year I’ll do it. But for now I’ll just blog about doing it – and the 5 states I’d travel through to get there.

5.  Florida – More than half of the 1,400-mile excursion would be from Homestead to Pensacola. That’s about 12 hours of driving along Florida’s Turnpike, I-75, and I-10 just to get out of Florida. I think that reaching the Alabama state line would be cause for celebration – and time to call it a night at a nice hotel just across the border.

4.  Alabama – It’s where it all started for me. I was born in Selma on the 05TH of June in 1967. There was once an Air Force Base in Selma – Craig. The USAF isn’t there anymore, but it’s still operational as a local-use airport. Alabama has it all – beaches along the Gulf Of Mexico, big cities dotting the state, and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to the northeast.

3.  Mississippi – I’ve been to Keesler Air Force Base (near Biloxi on the Gulf Of Mexico), and I’ve driven along I-10 along the south coast of Mississippi. That’s pretty much my entire life history of the great state of Mississippi (in 1994 and 2004 respectively).

2.  Louisiana – I’ve been there once before in my entire life – during the Summer of 2004. I spent a week in New Orleans on U.S. Government business a year before Hurricane Katrina wrecked her havoc on the region. Guess what ?  I’m going back in about 2½-months. This time I’m flying there instead of driving. I’m taking a Carnival cruise out of New Orleans straight to Mexico.

1.  Texas – It’s too hot and dry here in the Summer. It’s too cold and dry here in the Winter. They have long droughts here. They have tornadoes here. They have blizzards and ice storms here. I couldn’t live here. I adore humidity. My skins demands moisture. My brother and his wife live within the northern suburbs of Dallas. I don’t like this part of Texas. Actually there’s no part of Texas that I really like a lot. I’ve been to San Antonio a bunch of times over the past 23+ years – most recently this past Summer. That’s a fun place to visit on vacation. I don’t think that I could live there either. I belong on the U.S. East Coast. I need to be within eyesight of the Atlantic Ocean. That’s my ocean. That’s where I rock and roll.