Homestead Cold Weather Alert

I actually wasn’t planning to issue a ‘Cold Weather Alert’ for this upcoming chill because previous models indicated that it wouldn’t be cold enough to do so. Now it appears that it will actually be colder than originally thought; therefore, I issue you this alert.

Get ready for a bunch of frigid mornings here in Homestead on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly even into next weekend. I’m talking about early-morning (before 8 AM) temperatures down into the lower-50s with wind-chills down into the mid-40s !  The afternoons will actually be on the warm side – but definitely cooler than they have been recently.

As a general rule (since there appears to be interest in this) I will issue these ‘Cold Weather Alerts’ here on the big green blog whenever I expect upcoming wind-chill temperatures to fall into the 40s and beyond. We must all keep in mind that during these wintertime cold snaps there can be a wide disparity of early-morning temperatures. At the same exact time that it can be in the upper-40s here in Homestead it can also be in the mid-60s up along the beaches from South Beach northward. The weather forecasts on our local television and radio stations generally average these temperatures out for the entire viewing region.

Friday Night Blogroll Review

It’s ON !

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