Monday Night Countdown

This past Summer when gas prices shot past $4 per gallon I told everyone that listened to me that gas prices had peaked, and that they would plummet by as much as a dollar per gallon before Thanksgiving. Everyone laughed at me. As it turns out I was only half right. Gas prices have actually dropped by more than 50% in many locations, and we’re now getting nearly two gallons of gas for the same price as a single gallon cost just 4 to 5 months ago. In fact gas prices are now at their lowest levels since the Spring of 2005 !

Florida is currently 25TH in the nation (right in the middle) as far as gas prices are concerned, but the Miami area is actually the 28TH most expensive metro area in the nation to buy gas.

Here are the TOP 5 metro areas in the U.S. where gas is the cheapest:

5.  Wichita Kansas – $1.985 – Never been there. I’ve never set food in Kansas.

4.  Corpus Christi Texas – $1.974 – I’d like to visit this place. I think I’d like it.

3.  Kansas City Missouri – $1.937 – Never been there. I’ve seen it on “Cops” a lot.

2.  Des Moines Iowa – $1.936 – Never been there. What’s there ?

1.  Tulsa Oklahoma – $1.932 – Never been there. Been to Oklahoma City though.