The Major’s Walk-A-Thon

Sky: Mostly Sunny
Temperature: 66°F
Dewpoint: 37°F
Relative Humidity: 34%
Winds: Calm
Barometric Pressure: 30.02 Falling

1.  This was my first classic ‘walk-around-the-neighbourhood’ outside of my own neighbourhood.

2.  It wasn’t the coldest, but it was certainly the dryest ‘Walk-A-Thon’ ever with a desert-like relative humidity and a dewpoint just a few degrees above the freezing mark. That rarely occurs in South Florida. The air was crisp, and it just felt so great to be out in it walking the beat.

3.  My brother and his wife and their dog live in a real nice (and large) modern neighbourhood of hundreds and hundreds of houses that are perhaps less than a decade old in the heart of Allen Texas – itself a northern bedroom community of Dallas. Allen is one of the TOP 10 safest cities in the entire country as reported in a recent annual survey.

4.  It was a 33-minute and 33-second walk at a slightly faster pace than I’m used to. My brother and his dog Buddy joined me for this nearly two-mile excursion. We could have walked around this place for miles and miles. Buddy was the one that was holding us back. I’m 41. My brother is 33. Buddy is in his late-40s. Buddy was totally exhausted towards the end of the two miles. Buddy is sleeping now.

5.  Me and my brother worked up MASSIVE appetites for Thanksgiving Dinner – coming up within the next couple of hours. We’re so truly looking forward to the ‘Dinner Of The Year’ !

My NFL Weekend Game Picks

HAPPY THANKSGIVING my friends. May you all sit down today with your loved ones to a MASSIVE dinner with all of the trimmings. Just keep in mind the thankful reason for the joyous season.

Back to the NFL season we go, and last weekend was rather pathetic for me as I went a mere .500 for the first time. Let’s see if I can redeem myself with these thankful picks:

THU 12:30 PM EST (1)
Titans At Lions

THU 4:15 PM EST (1)
Seahawks At Cowboys

THU 8:15 PM EST (1)
Cardinals At Eagles

SUN 1:00 PM EST (7)
49ers At Bills
At Bengals
Saints At Buccaneers
Dolphins At Rams
Colts At Browns
Panthers At Packers

SUN 4:05 PM EST (1)
Falcons At Chargers

SUN 4:15 PM EST (3)
Broncos At Jets
Steelers At Patriots
Chiefs At Raiders

SUN 8:15 PM EST (1)
Bears At Vikings

MON 8:30 PM EST (1)
Jaguars At Texans