Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s that time of the week again.
– It’s time for my ‘Mini Thoughts’ in 15 words or less.
– ‘Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In’ had the ‘Quickie’.
VH1 had the ‘Pop-Up Video’.
AOL had the ‘IM’.
Burger King has the ‘Burger Shots’.
– I’ve got the Mini Thought.
– Dude it’s hot and humid outside.
– Tomorrow we could have heat indices well into the mid-90s !
– I’m gonna try to yank a cold front by its tail down here next Monday.
– Maybe we could have a few cool mornings in the upper-50s !
– As the economy begins to recover so are gas prices. 
– The’re up about 40 cents per gallon ever since they bottomed out.
– I’m not complaining, as I remember $4.199 per gallon last July.
– I ate Lunch at Quiznos today.
– I dig that joint.
– I eat there weekly.
– Good food and good service is all I’m asking for.
– I always get that there.
– I think I know who’s gonna grab tomorrow’s ‘Major Bloggie Award‘.
– We’ll all find out for sure on Friday night.
– One of my favourite rock bands is Philmont.
– The’re from North Carolina.
– I like how they sound.
– I like their message.
– They’ve totally given it up for Jesus Christ.
– Check out this music video below for their current smash “The Difference”.
– The band made the video themselves for under $300.
– Listen to the lyrics carefully.
– I’m rolling to what the’re rocking !

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

  1. Cool video!!!

    I remember the white belts from my youth, are they back in style?

    On Quiznos, not liking them much. We have gone there a few times but all that measuring on the meats to me that’s not enough for their prices.

    Again I must return to good old Publix. Then I’m not so crazy about hot subs.

    Love ya,


  2. I didn’t really notice the white belts, but I guess that they never really went out of style (white or otherwise).

    The lyrics to that song are tremendous. I may post them separately in a future blog entry. It’s my new theme song.

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