Friday Night Blogroll Review

Goin’ strong every Friday night since 2007 I present to you my blogging friends:

Travis mentioned me and rock legend Phil Collins in the same sentence.

Kelly posts her occasional ‘State Of The Johnson Family’ address.

Phil thanks God for His provision, favor, and grace in his Life.

Mark and I miss President Ronald W. Reagan.

Meet Jesse and Diego.

Ritz stayed up until the wee early morning hours of Thursday eating Cuban food and stuff with his friends.

Tammy – in her ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ debut – posts a list of action-packed movies that she plans to see come opening weekends.

Paul, Annie, and the rest of the Hollifields are reunited with Jesse, Reina, y Diego … and it feels so good !

– Pastor Nathan wins this week’s coveted ‘Major Bloggie Award’ for his takeaways thus far on a book that he’s reading regarding people that are ‘Quitting Church’. Furthermore, Nathan posted this blog entry on what exactly one trillion dollars is that is a runner-up to his previously-mentioned award-winner.

Kevin – not a fan of President Obama.

THANK YOU my friends for blogging with me !  Let’s keep on doin’ it !

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