The Great Ant Invasion Of 2009

TODAY I actually bit into (and had a small piece in my mouth) of an ant-infested chocolate donut !

Yesterday morning at Publix (where shopping is a pleasure) I bought two boxes of Entenmann’s donuts (on sale for $3 per box). I ate 3 out of the total 16 donuts yesterday, and I was about to eat 3 more this afternoon when I realized what I was actually biting into. Long story short the remaining 13 donuts went into the garbage and then ultimately into the dumpster outside.

I don’t typically have a problem with ants (or any other bugs in my home for that matter), as Orkin treats my home once a month for pests. I guess the 13 chocolate donuts sitting on my kitchen counter some 33 days after the last regularly-scheduled Orkin treatment was simply a recipe for disaster !

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  1. Kristina
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 09:24:54

    Dear Chris:

    Don’t u know that He is watching out for you…He loves you…You should not

    be eating those Cholesterol loaded donuts…See how quick you

    threw them in the trash….Thank God for ants…


  2. The Major
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 09:34:00

    But … But … But … They were on $ALE !!! 😀

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