Monday Night Countdown

I’ve been sitting here at home all day long on an unscheduled day off from work waiting as A.C. technicians ultimately remove and replace my longtime condensing unit outside with an all-new modern and efficient one.

Here are the TOP 5 advantages of this particular situation:

5.  I have actual South Florida subtropical weather right here in my living room with all-time record high temperatures approaching the upper-80s and heat indices well into the 90s !

4.  I actually see cumulonimbus clouds forming at approximately 12 feet above ground level here in my living room. I may have to issue myself a severe thunderstorm watch for the northern suburbs of my living room.

3.  Simple Math – (88°F + 58% RH) = moist soft skin to die for !

2.  I planned this all along in a dire effort to lose the remaining half-dozen pounds to get back to my longtime fighting weight of the mid-to-upper-160s.

1.  With the $600 that I spent getting my car repaired last Monday and the $2,600 that I spent on this Monday to get my A.C. replaced it now appears that I need a bailout from the Federal Government. I’ll ask for one when I go back to work tomorrow morning.

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