Saturday Night Retro

1988 was my first full year of livin’ large here in the land of the ‘305’. (I actually arrived on the First of December in 1987.)

In 1988 I was a 20-year-old that became a 21-year-old – without a car. I was either gonna be stuck in the dorm (at the Air Force Base), or I was gonna bum a ride with a buddy to see any other part of Miami. Luckily I got to see a lot of Miami during that first year. I also partied a lot within the Miami club scene. I considered myself a Y-100 groupie at the time – following them along as they broadcast LIVE from a different nightclub around town on 4 or 5 nights per week.

It was a lot of fun – although admittingly I don’t remember much from the times. After all it was 21 years ago – a half a lifetime ago for me.

Here’s a song that literally brought chills to me last night as it got cranked up at Splitsville (which incidentally has its own dance floor with deejay and lights and such). There may even be raw video footage of me acting like a dancin’ moron at our dinner table as this song progressed. (I’m not sure if Venus was recording at the time.)  Yep – I still got mad skillz at the age of 42. 🙄

This jam totally defined the land of the ‘305’ in 1988. It was the absolute biz out on the streets and up on the dance floors all across the ‘MIA’.

I present to you for your ‘Saturday Night Retro’ review – MC Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock with “It Takes Two” !


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