Saturday Morning Shenanigans

These are actually my ‘Friday Night Shenanigans’, but since I didn’t even get back home until about 12:40 AM this morning it’s all good. I actually slept in this morning until nearly 8:30 AM – about 4 hours later than normal. Patricia, Venus, and Carol kept me up and out and about until past MIDNIGHT !

I’m looking at my Shops At Sunset Place parking receipt that shows me arriving there at 4:17 PM on Friday afternoon and departing at 12:14 AM on Saturday morning (3 minutes shy of 8 hours). I only paid $6, but that included a MASSIVE discount courtesy of the AMC-24 Theatres. I saw “Adventureland” last night. Good flick about the life and times of various employees of a rundown low budget amusement park in the Pittsburgh suburbs of the Summer of 1987. It was light on comedy, as it played out more like a classic episode of “Dawson’s Creek“. I got what I expected out of it – a high-quality 4.0 star movie that was well worth my time watching it.

After the flick (and a bit of shopping) at my former playground (which is definitely showing its age after a decade) I met up with the fun girls of Patricia, Venus, and Carol at Splitsville. In a nutshell we ate ENORMOUS quantities of food and cracked each other up severely. Maybe Venus will post some of those pictures up on her long-neglected blog. If not then I may grab a few of them myself and post them up on here for all of you cats to see. After that we actually bowled 10 rounds. After Venus reminded me on the proper way to hold a bowling ball and then release it down the lane I proceeded to stage a come-from-behind victory over all three of the girls. My final score was a ’90’, and that was well enough for the victory. This just in – I’ve only bowled perhaps 5 times in my entire life. It’s just one of those things that comes naturally to me once I get going with it. I’m also pretty good at Wii Bowling. My brother showed me how to play that one day last year, and that same day I was suddenly better at it than him and his wife !

Well those are my ‘Shenanigans’ from last night. I had a fun Friday night out on the town at one of my all-time favourite shopping complexes here in America’s Riviera with a few of my favourite people on this journey. Here’s hoping that we can do it all over again real soon !

Later tonight I’ve got a totally rippin’ jam that absolutely defined the Miami urban music scene of 1988. It got everyone of all colors and creeds out together dancing in the streets in unison. Be sure to check it out on a hot new ‘Saturday Night Retro’. You won’t regret it dudes.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Shenanigans

  1. I hereby challenge you to several games of Wii bowling when you are here next month!! I also challenge you to a round of miniature golf!! I also challenge you to a round of COMPETITIVE EATING at Fuddrucker’s in Plano. Loser has to buy!!! =)

    Actually you may win since I have lost about 25 pounds since you last saw me, and I eat just one meal a day now, following in THE MAJOR’s footsteps….

  2. I accept all of your fun challenges for the next time that I am in the Greater Dallas / Plano / Allen / McKinney Metroplex.

    I also want to go to the ZOO !!!

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