Saturday Night Retro

2009 marks the 40TH anniversary of “Sesame Street” on PBS. Over the past 40 seasons over 4,000 one-hour episodes have been produced for kids all around the world. I probably saw a couple hundred of those episodes back in the very early-1970s when it was a brand new innovative show. I watched it on WETA Channel 26 (Washington D.C.) and WMPT Channel 22 (Maryland Public Television).

Picking up those UHF channels was rather tough at times back then (before cable and remotes existed). You had to point that loop antenna atop the TV set in the right direction (towards the big city). You also had to make sure that the circular knob was tuned in just perfectly to the correct channel, and hopefully that knob wouldn’t fall off of the TV set or else you would have to use a pair of pliers to turn the dial. Am I right middle-aged people ?  😆

In honour of “Sesame Street” I present to you for your ‘Saturday Night Retro’ review this unusual treat – “Sesame’s Treet” – a 1992 breakbeat techno version of the show’s classic opening theme song. Get up and dance like a freak !