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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It was another glorious Thursday at work.
– I got in shortly after 6 AM, and I left at around 3:45 PM.
– That made it a slightly longer than normal work day.
– Despite the glory of this work day I still had to deal with a couple of evildoers.
– Life isn’t perfect, but it’s what you make of it that determines your journey.
– My electric bill for July was over 39% higher than it was for June.
– That’s because it was mostly sunny, hot, and dry in July.
– My HVAC worked harder in July than it did in June when it rained a lot.
– I Love Lucy – Happy Birthday – She would have been 98 today !
– Once upon a time I used to drink a lot of Coca Cola Classic.
– The only way to drink it is straight out of the classic red can.
– I think I’m down to perhaps 3 cans a week.
– I’m drinking one right now, so that’s a treat.
– I’m anxious to find out the results of my blood work come Monday morning.
– How’s my cholesterol ?
– Is Lipitor right for me ?
– I believe that I’m healthier today than I have been in my entire life.
– That’s because I’ve given up virtually everything that’s bad for me.
– For example I stopped drinking in 2007.
– I have no intentions of drinking anything alcoholic ever again.
– Are you ready for something even more shocking ?
– Get ready for this one, for it’s a doozy.
– Here’s an exclusive for those of you who still read my blog.
– I smoked cigarettes for about 30 years.
– Betcha didn’t know that !
– I quit for good exactly 472 days ago (15½ months ago).
– There’s something to talk about for the next couple of weeks.
– I nearly got weak this past week.
– NO – I didn’t nearly smoke.
– I nearly signed-up for Twitter.
Facebook is the evil empire – no doubt about it.
– But I can actually see how Twitter may possibly enhance my web time.
– OK I’ve returned back to my senses now.
– Twitter is a waste of time as well.
– Well maybe not a total waste of time.
– I’ll leave the Twitter door slightly ajar for now.
– Be sure to catch my ‘Disco Party’ tomorrow night here on the groovy blog.
– I’ve got a classic in the true sense of the word.
– You may be mildly surprised as to my selection for this week.
– Be sure not to miss the fun.
– You won’t regret it pal.

By Chris M. Day

I'm 55.5 years old. I've been online for almost 30 years - starting with my own dial-up bulletin board system in 1993 - and continuing with AOL, my own web site, Myspace, WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.

8 replies on “Thursday Night Mini Thoughts”

If you join anything it better be facebook. I do not twitter. Facebook would “enhance your web time.” You can see updates on what I am doing any time you want. Now isn’t that grand? Actually, I don’t post what I am doing all that much, but when I do YOU could know! 🙂

Kelly J.,
I can see your updates on your blog – one of the greatest blogs in the entire free nation / blogosphere. So if you post (whatever) on Facebook then I won’t see it until you re-post it on your masterpiece of a blog.

The good thing about facebook is that there are so many more people reading what you write all the time. It is like a blog, message board, chat room, email, instant messaging, twitter, and myspace all in one application. Blogs are good if you want to limit the people reading. 🙂

SPEAKING OF ELECTRIC BILLS…. We just got ours for last month….. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You heard me right…. $300!!!!!!! Now excuse me while I go sell a kidney on the black market…

Little One,
A $300 electric bill in July in Texas actually sounds about right for your size of a house. Stop complaining. You make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year !

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