Monday Night Countdown

This Just In:  In the dark of the night it was revealed earlier today that ‘The Major’s Tweets’ had been temporarily removed from the weekly blogging schedule. It is now on hiatus – which is usually not a good sign. Anyone remember the ‘Lipitor Moment Of The Night’ ?  Anyone ?  Anyone ?  I didn’t think so.

Returning to Monday nights here on the big blue blog it’s the venerable former hit series ‘Monday Night Countdown’ !  LET’S ROLL !

This week it’s the TOP 7 Persons, Places, and Things that randomly come to my mind at this precise moment:

1.  Behnke – My brother will appreciate this one. As little kids in the late-1970s this was a fairly regular place that we (our family) used to visit to buy plants and mulch. It’s located on U.S. 1 in Beltsville Maryland. Me and my brother always pronounced it as ‘Bing-kees’.

2.  Rick Dees – ‘Alex, I’ll take ‘Famous People Who Have Influenced My Life Over The Years’ for $1,600 please.’

3.  2032 – It’s the year that I turn 65-years-old. Can I get a what-what ?

4.  Joo-Joo-Bee – It’s one of the many crazy nicknames that I had for my little feline buddy Boots (1993-2007).

5.  Hialeah – In my nearly 22 years of living here in America’s Riviera I don’t believe that I have ever stepped foot in that city.

6.  Royal – They used to totally rule the world of typewriters back in the day, and can you believe that they still make and sell them today ?

7.  Dude Walker – He was a crazy morning deejay on TOP 40 Q-107 in Washington D.C. about 30 years ago. He was teamed-up with legendary news man Doug Limerick back then.

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One thought on “Monday Night Countdown

  1. I always pronounced it “BIN-kees”. And while I really did not like going there, Mom would always promise me a trip to the Wonder Bread store nearby, where I would load up on assorted Hostess fruit pies, and snack cakes.

    MMMM – Blueberry hostess fruit pie… MMMMM!

    Also, the trip to BINKY’S would usually follow a trip to Laurel Mall, where I would have JUST gotten a new Star Wars or GI Joe figure, or comic books and/or baseball cards.

    Trips to Laurel Mall in the early 80s will go down as the most enjoyable and adventurous shopping experiences of my entire life. Even more so than trips to Tyson’s Corner Mall or Seven Corner’s Mall to go to Woolworth stores for toys, comics, and cards.

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