Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Going back to the last couple of months of 2007 Tuesday is the most-visited day of the week of this blog by a fairly substantial margin over the running average of the other six days of the week.

This weekly blog series is why that is so:

1.  I am so glad to be back at home again using a computer that actually works properly with the rest of the world (cyberspace). We had rolling Internet blackouts today at work. It affected some people more than other people. I couldn’t do much on my computer system at work from about 7:30 AM until the time that I left work this afternoon. Hopefully they will fix all of those problems between now and tomorrow morning. I have work to do at work !

2.  I would be very upset if my brand new A.C. condensing unit (outside) was not working properly. I am not upset at all. It works fabulously, and my home hasn’t felt this comfortably cool and dry in many years. I’m glad that I finally got that taken care of before the hot and humid summer season begins.

3.  A late-season cold front will sweep through America’s Riviera late tomorrow (Wednesday) night. This will mark the start of about 5 days and 5 nights of more bearable springtime weather with maximum daytime high temperatures right around the 80°F mark and minimum nighttime low temperatures in the refreshing low-to-mid-60s.

4.  Checkers may have wings, but the wings that I had from them last week were not big and meaty but rather tiny and tasteless. They were downright pitiful. The fries however was just as delicious as I remember them to be once upon a time ago when I used to go to Checkers every week for Lunch. The fried apple pies (2 for $1) were the absolute BOMBZ !  Nobody makes apple pies like that anymore !

5.  On Monday May 11TH 2009 U.S. postage climbs 2¢ to 44¢ for a typical first class letter of one ounce or less. 10 years ago in 1999 we were paying 33¢. 20 years ago in 1989 it was 25¢. 30 years ago in 1979 it was 15¢. 40 years ago in 1969 it was 6¢.

SPECIAL BONUS 6. !  This Thursday and Friday I plan to see two movies at the box office – “I Love You, Man” and “Adventureland“. I’ve been in a box office drought so far in 2009 having seen only one flick – “Slumdog Millionaire“. I need to catch up with my current movie viewing. I can’t watch everything via Netflix.

Those are my thoughts on this Tuesday night. Thank You for spending some quality time with me.