Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– I’m glad to be back at home again tonight.
– This was clearly the busiest week at work for me in modern history.
– It was also the most productive week in modern history.
– As far as my career is concerned modern history = since the end of July 2007.
– My career renaissance continues.
– I am visibly exhausted from this week at work.
– I had planned all week to attend a party tonight up at Dave & Busters.
– I’m not gonna make it.
– I put myself on the injured exhausted reserve list.
– Hopefully I’ll still get invited to future shindigs.
– Up until the very end I thought that I would have to cancel my day off.
– Nope. I didn’t have to cancel it.
– My 3-day weekend has already begun.
– I’ll be back at work for another busy week come Monday morning.
– What will I do on my day off tomorrow ?
– Maybe I’ll eat an ENORMOUS breakfast at Denny’s.
– Maybe I’ll go and get a haircut at Woody’s.
– Maybe I’ll go and do some grocery shopping at Publix.
– Maybe I’ll do some laundry aqui a mi casa.
– Maybe I’ll go to The Shops At Sunset Place (my former playground).
– Maybe I’ll see a movie there.
– Maybe I’ll hang out with Patricia and Venus at this place.
– It should be a fun Friday off for me tomorrow with whatever I actually do.
– Don’t forget the ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ tomorrow.
– I’m identifying my favourite blog entries of this past week.
– One of them will win the coveted ‘Major Bloggie Award’.
– Will it be yours ?
– Peace be with you.
– And also with you.
– I’m chillin’.

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