The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

I went to Panda Express for a MASSIVE Lunch late this morning, and I enjoyed the chow mein, the orange chicken, the broccoli beef, the chicken egg roll, and the fountain soda (root beer). The food was fine – not spectacular – just fine.

DANNY – Take me to P.F. Chang’s the next time I’m in Allen Texas.


Here’s my Fortune Cookie Message fan club members:

‘A friend has good news for you.’


2 thoughts on “The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

  1. you can eat all that food ????

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Heard u guys had a fun night…



  2. Hi Kristina M.,
    I’m not sure if we’ve met or not. I’m Chris. I love to eat food ! 😀

    P.S. We missed you on Tuesday night … where we ate a lot of food !

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