Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– You know how I roll.
– If it’s Thursday night then I’ve got some mini thoughts on my mind.
– I’m so glad that you stopped by for a few minutes.
The Atlanta Bread Company has closed its doors forever here in Homestead.
– Like I didn’t see that coming from a mile year away !
– Anyone who knows me knows all about my frustrations with that place.
– The place was poorly managed from the very beginning.
– Let’s hope that Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse are better managed.
– They both open up next month.
– Dude I am so ready for both grand openings.
– You do know that Red Lobster is also moving in next year, Yes ?
IHOP in Naranja Lakes closed its doors several weeks ago.
– I ate breakfast there up to 150 times during 3 years of Saturday mornings.
– Honestly I may have only missed about 6 weeks over 3 years.
– I ate there because the food was totally bodacious dude.
– The service was also mucho outstanding mate.
– And then my waitress left.
– Oh yeah – and I decided to get healthier.
– It was all over after that.
– My longtime IHOP waitress works at Cracker Barrel now.
– I see her on Saturday mornings perhaps once every 3 months or so.
– Oh I almost forgot – I ate at Mamma Mia last Sunday after church.
– Service was good, and my spinach manicotti was delectable.
– I’ll be back for more.
– TODAY I ate Lunch at Casavana with a crew of crazy coworkers.
– Me gusta el sandwich de pavo.
– Check out this video clip from a classic episode of “King Of Queens“: