My NFL Weekend Game Picks

Let’s kick it:

THU 8:15 PM EST (1)
Broncos At Browns

SUN 1:00 PM EST (8)
Saints At Falcons
At Bears
Jaguars At Lions
Ravens At Texans
Seahawks At Dolphins
Bills At Patriots
Rams At Jets

SUN 4:05 PM EST (1)
Panthers At Raiders

SUN 4:15 PM EST (2)
Colts At Steelers
Chiefs At Chargers

SUN 8:15 PM EST (1)

MON 8:30 PM EST (1)
49ers At Cardinals

One thought on “My NFL Weekend Game Picks

  1. Well, my record this year in picking games isn’t very good, and I already missed one game this week, but I’ll take a stab at this anyway.

    By the way, I don’t know what I was more impressed with: Brady Quinn throwing 2 TDs and almost 240 yards in his DEBUT with the Browns, or Jay Cutler with the AERIAL ASSAULT he put on. 447 yards and 3 TDs????? Are you kidding me????

    So without further delay, I present you with, the picks I disagree with you on!!!

    Ok, only 2 games this week I disagree with you on. All your other picks look great. The two I disagree with you on happen to both involve the state of Pennsylvania..

    Colts VS Steelers – The Steelers have the best D in the NFL right now. Forget the Tennessee Titans. The Steelers D is playing VERY VERY well right now. I expect a Steelers win. Willie Parker is back, and as long as Big Ben can stay off his back, I expect some big TD passes to either Nate Washington or Hines Ward. I also expect Peyton Manning to get rushed, hurried, sacked, and intercepted.

    Giants VS Eagles – Big battle in the NFC BEAST!!! I gotta go with the Eagles for one reason- Brian Westbrook!!! He is healthy and playing again after his early season injuries. Westbrook and Portis are the best RBs in football right now, and thankfully via trades, I have them BOTH on my Fantasy Football team. I LOVE the NFC Beast this year!!!! The Cowboys may be stinking, but I grew up a Redskins fan, and I have grown to enjoy watching Eli and the Giants, and McNabb/Westbrook for the Eagles. So like I said before- EAGLES win!! Big game from Westbrook!!!

    That’s it for this week! Thanks for the 30 Fantasy Points, Jay Cutler!

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