The Major’s Miniature Golf-A-Thon

Miniature Golf Score Card
Miniature Golf Score Card

That’s the actual score card from this afternoon’s much-anticipated match-up between me and my brother (‘Bunky’). We determined and agreed that this was his best game in the entire 15-year history of us playing miniature golf together. He shot 3-over-par for a total of 39 points, and that included an unbelievable record-shattering six holes-in-one !  I on the other hand registered a very mediocre performance shooting 14-over-par for a total of 50 points. That included ten holes-in-two that I was very proud of.

A vacation is simply not a vacation until me and my brother have played a spirited round of miniature golf as well as a near-violent game of table air hockey. My brother scored a come-from-behind win at that this afternoon nipping me 7 to 6.

Venus D. – YOU’RE NEXT !!!

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