The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

TODAY I ate Lunch at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro for perhaps the 2ND time in my entire life. We have one at The Falls in South Miami-Dade, but I’ve never eaten there. I want to though. My brother claims that we ate at one on the Las Vegas Strip several years ago. I believe him. He has a MASSIVE Memory – just like me.

I like this place. It’s The Cheesecake Factory of chinese restaurants. This is upscale dining at a rather affordable price. I enjoyed a delicious harvest spring roll as an appetizer and then the beef with broccoli lunch bowl as the main entree.

YUMMY !  The service was outstanding, and I can’t wait to check them out at The Falls for a MASSIVE Dinner !


‘An hour with one friend is worth more than ten with strangers.’

I agree. I can’t wait to get back home to Homestead to resume living Life with all of my friends !

I’ll see you crazy cats bright and early this Sunday morning !

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