Bible Stories

TONIGHT was Life Group night, and no matter how late I end up arriving it always seems like I’m still the first one there. That was the case tonight as well. I arrived at the house of Patricia N., and she informed me that she and the rest of her neighbourhood had no electricity (due to the heavy rains of the afternoon). She had her entire living room and dining room lit up with beautiful candles. She joked that she wasted all of her ‘romantic evening’ candles on us. There were so many candles in that room that I wanted to take my usual place behind the main table and offer the symbolic body and blood of Christ in Communion.

Once our Life Group got all settled and in-place we enjoyed ‘Praise & Worship’ as Leo D. led us by guitar (unplugged) and we all sang in unison to our Lord and Saviour up above and all around. We sang several hymns including “Above All” and “All Who Are Thirsty (Come Lord Jesus, Come)”. The Angels in Heaven were cheering us on as we sang proudly to Him.

I led tonight’s teaching on the real man that was Jesus Christ. He was a real man who lived on this Earth and faced the same general day-to-day challenges as we all do on this journey. He was encouraged and cheered on by his friends and followers. He was ridiculed, persecuted, hurt, and abused by his enemies and antagonists. He was just like us – with one glaring exception. He was without sin.

Tonight’s lesson was all about being more like Jesus. We’ll never be as perfect in every way as Jesus, but our goal should always be to get closer to His every way. We are to be His eyes, ears, arms, hands, legs, and feet here on Earth. We are to be His Disciples here on Earth.

Jesus is far more powerful and superiour to Satan, but Satan is always working hard to tempt us when we are at our most vulnerable stages of Life. Satan always takes the easy way out, and he’s always hoping that we’ll do the same as well and join the party of evil and darkness. It’s easy to do what the world is doing. That’s what Satan wants us to do. Following Satan will lead us straight to hell. Following Jesus and totally believing and trusting in Him is the only way to get to Heaven. There is no other way.

Homestead Wet Weather Alert

The drought is certainly not done and over with; however, over the past 24 hours we’ve definitely put a nice small dent in it.

Up to 8 inches of rain has fallen since St. Patrick’s Day night. Much of America’s Riviera has seen at least one inch of rain with more common rainfall totals of two to four inches across the region. This is more rain than what had fallen in the previous 162 days combined (since the first week of October) !  Some isolated portions of northern Broward and southern Palm Beach Counties received between 6 and 8 inches of rain !

More rain (several inches) is expected at least for the next 24 hours.