Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– I couldn’t wait to get home to do this.
– I was thinking about it during the entire 7.2-mile drive home from work.
– It was a mad crazy day at work from 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
– It was fantastic then horrific then fantastic then horrific then fantastic.
– The peaks of the day were so sky high and bright.
– The valleys of the day were way down low and dark.
– Satan was working overtime all day long today.
– He was running the show trying to make Life miserable for me.
– He was pulling the strings of a few puppets at work.
– Good thing for me God was working even harder than Satan.
– He was guiding and directing me through it all.
– He’s seen it all before, so He knew where to lead me.
– God prevailed, and I left work rather happy and satisfied this afternoon.
– The me prior to 30 months ago would have failed miserably.
– The me of yesteryear may have done something that he regretted.
– I’m so blessed that God gave me a second chance at Life.
– I’ve grown up a lot since God rescued and saved me in August 2006.
– I’m in good hands with God.
– I’m currently in my 22ND year of working at the air base.
– I’ve had a lot of supervisours over the years.
– Some of them were good.
– Some of them were bad.
– Some of them deserved better.
– Some of them made my life a living hell.
– My current supervisour is by far the greatest of them all.
– That would be God.
– But my supervisour at work is the best too.
– Tomorrow is Friday.
– I dig Fridays.
– I’m looking forward to this upcoming weekend.
– I plan to file my 2008 income tax return online.
– That’ll be after a ‘Major’s Walk-A-Thon’ early on Saturday morning.
– Read all about it right here on this blog.
– Thank You – my friends – for living Life with me via this blog.