Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s do this thing – in 15 words or less.
– This is the express version of the ‘Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’.
– It’s sort of like the VH1 ‘Pop-Up Video’ of my blog.
– My buddy Phil also posts ‘Thoughts’ on a Thursday.
This week he discusses guns and food.
– I last shot a gun in 1992.
– I had to shoot an M16 annually while in the Air Force.
– I never quite understood why.
– Today was a crazy day at work – in a good way.
– I could not have planned the events of the day as they occurred.
– I prefer carefully-scheduled days rather than chaos galore.
– It’s really arid extra dry outside.
– There’s no end in sight.
– We’ve only had about two inches of rain over the past five months.
– We need another Tropical Storm Fay.
– She gave us four-and-a-half inches of rain in two days last August.
– She single-handedly ended our last drought.
– My dear friend Ela thought I actually wrote yesterday’s ‘Bible Stories’.
– It was a copy and paste job.
– A friend sent it to me via E-Mail.
– It’s been widely circulated on the Internet for awhile now.
– Here’s one version of it here.
– Tomorrow is Friday.
– I totally dig Friday.
– The weekend starts for me on Friday (afternoon).
– This Saturday morning me and some friends are riding to Key West.
– Once there we’re gonna so be tourists on bikes.
– I last drove down there at the end of December 2006.
– I’ve been there via cruise ship more so than via car.
– I’ll be back there again via cruise ship this September.
– I wouldn’t turn down this fun day with my friends for anything !
– I filed my income tax return online last Saturday afternoon.
– I’m getting back the biggest refund in history !
– Thank You President George W. Bush !