Monday Night Countdown

This week I present the TOP 5 nicknames for my brother Danny:

5.  Funny Guy – My brother is the funniest guy in the entire world, and he laughs at all of my jokes (and vice versa). His sense of ‘huma’ is virtually identical to mine.

4.  Peanut Head – Simply put – my brother’s head is in the shape of a peanut – a large peanut – a George Lopez sized peanut.

3.  Little One – Up until about 16 years ago I was taller than my brother, and then he reached and surpassed my height by perhaps a half an inch or so.

2.  Bunky – Our Dad came up with this nickname as far back as 30 years ago. I don’t know where it came from. Perhaps it’s a variation of ‘Bunker’ as in ‘Archie Bunker’. 

1.  Banny – A simple and innocent typographical error online introduced this long-running nickname for my brother. It also spawned his # 1 favourite nickname for me – ‘Biss’ / ‘Bissy’.

You just don’t know how hard I’m laughing out loud right about now !  😆