Friday Night Blogroll Review

These are my favourite bloggers in the entire world – at least this week:

Check out Travis’s snapshots from Winterfest in Tennessee.

Kelly couldn’t answer my question about the benediction. Hopefully she’ll get back with me on that.

Check out this corny song about some crazy dude’s ‘Lucky Day’.

Check out Jesse & Alex – one-half of The Saturn Project. I know two rock stars !

– Mark obviously submitted a last-minute blog this week in a concerted effort to win the ‘Major Bloggie Award’ – and it worked !  Check out his political joke of the week.

The Belonging has a new logo to share with the world.

Kelly Kel loves Pepe Le Pew. I’m shocked that she even knows about him considering the fact that he rose to cartoon stardom back in the late-1940s and into the 1950s !

Ms. Annie H. is ‘Preparing To Go To Worship’. Check out the ‘Pastor Paul Sighting’ within this blog entry !