Saturday Night Retro

This weekend marks my 15TH anniversary back in Homestead following my original nearly 5-year residence from December 01ST 1987 through the destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew on August 24TH 1992. I was away from Homestead for nearly 19 months, and I never really thought that I would see it again – until just a few months before I actually moved back down here.

Homestead Air Force Base officially reopened as Homestead Air Reserve Station (now Base) on this exact weekend in March of 1994 as our Squadron of F-16 jets came roaring back to life across the subtropical blue skies of America’s Riviera.

It was “The Sign” that Homestead was starting to get back to normal again.

I present to you for your ‘Saturday Night Retro’ review – this U.S. platinum pop smash that spent 10 months on the pop charts in 1994. It was the runaway # 1 smash in the entire free nation as our jets returned back home again on that glorious 3RD weekend in March of 1994.

The Major’s Walk-A-Thon: Special On-Location Edition – Miami Seaquarium

I visited the Miami Seaquarium for the first time since an unspecified date sometime during the mid-to-late-1990s.

Here are my takeaways in 15 words or less:

– I’m on my ‘2009 Economic Stimulus Tour’ (of tourist attractions).
– So far – Metro Zoo, Monkey Jungle, and Miami Seaquarium.
– When we (me and a buddy) got there there weren’t a lot of people there.
– By the time that we left in the afternoon the joint was jumpin’.
– It was really jumpin’ !
– It was good to see people spending money at a tourist attraction.
– I love to hang out with the animal kingdom.
– I loved the sea lions.
– I could watch them frolic for hours.
– They are really smart creatures of the sea.
– They will work for food.
– So will I.
– They love their fishies.
– So do I.
– Lizards, Turtles, Alligators, Crocodiles – They were all chillin’ in the hot sun.
– The birds are not afraid of the humans – or the killer whale !
– Speaking of birds – The next logical stop on this tour – Jungle Island.
– Maybe we’ll hit that place up next month.
– Lolita is a 7,000-pound killer whale !
– She’s the same exact age as me – born in 1967.
– ‘Free Lolita the killer whale’ generates 183,000 searches via Yahoo !
– She’s been at the Seaquarium for the past 39 years.
– This is the only life that she knows.
– Some activists want her to be released into the wild.
– Releasing a killer whale from her home of 39 years makes no sense to me.
– The manatees were MASSIVE !
– They are sort of like elephants of the sea.
– They are calm, cool, and collective – just like me !
– They mostly eat plants – not like me.

No visit to Miami is complete until you’ve visited the Miami Seaquarium !