The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club


TODAY for a dependable and delicious Lunch I went to Shanghai in Homestead‘s Waterstone Plaza (Speedway Boulevard & Biscayne Drive).

I picked up my usual – the ‘L2′ and an eggroll – and it was ready in ’10 minute’.

Here’s my Fortune Cookie Message fan club members:

‘Happiness is around the next corner, wealth down the street.’

Monday Night Countdown

For all of you who are concerned about me and my beloved Saturn of the past (nearly) 6 years – all is well as of 5 PM on this glorious Monday afternoon. I’m at home now, and my car is in its parking space right in front of my home.

Now that we’ve come full circle I present to you the TOP 5 lessons learned during that two-hour time period of inconvenience from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM yesterday (Sunday) morning:

5.  NEVER call to report a problem with my car when it’s sitting safe and sound at home on a Sunday (or even a Saturday for that matter). Wait until the next regular weekday morning when my Saturn dealership is actually open for bid-ness.

4.  NEVER call Saturn Roadside Assistance period. I’ve been a proud member of AAA for the past 20 years. I should have called AAA to tow my car (on a regular weekday morning). I would have saved over $80.

3.  RIDE with the tow truck driver to the car dealership when my car is actually being towed in (on a regular weekday morning). Wait for my car to be repaired.

2.  LEARN how to properly jump start another vehicle using my vehicle. Just because a neighbour ‘knows what he’s doing’ with jumper cables does not necessarily mean that he actually ‘knows what he’s doing’ with my unique car in particular.

1.  NEVER stop doing good deeds for my fellow man. This good deed that only took a couple of minutes out of my busy schedule ended up costing me in excess of $600 !  Satan is still working hard to make my Life inconvenient and miserable at times, but God is far more powerful and almighty than Satan can ever dream of being. Satan will never give up. He’s very jealous that I follow God nowadays. Once again Satan is the miserable loser, and God is the glorious winner !  He always is.