Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

– Today I began my 27TH month as part of the Life Pointe Church family.
– It’s also the start of my 32ND month following God.
– I’m not gonna stop counting the months until I reach the top.
– It was great to see all of the Johnsons back in town.
– It was also great to Jesse and Alex back in biz again up on stage.
– I missed everyone while they were away changing lives for the better.
– Jesse and Alex are my two favourite rock stars in the universe.
– We got to hear their hot new album loud and proud in the main lobby.
– “So Alive” is the breakout smash of the month as far as I’m concerned.
– Wanna download it for free ?  Click here.
– Wanna buy the entire album for $10 ?  Click here.
Pastor Travis was back up on stage leading us in this week’s teaching.
– This morning’s topic – ‘The Challenge Of Obedience’.
– The Bible says – ‘If you love me, obey my commandments.’
– I love and trust God; therefore, I obey Him.
– Reading His word is easy, but applying it can be hard at times.
– I may not agree with everything that is in the Good News.
– That’s irrelevant, for I must still obey His every word.
– It’s easier to obey with a positive attitude.
– I once had a negative attitude towards generally everything.
– That was part of the evil and darkness that once consumed me.
– God rescued me from all of that in August of 2006.
– He directed me to release all of my anger and set it free.
– He instructed me to give up my worldly plans.
– He set a new agenda for me, and I was reborn.
– I will never be perfect.
– God is the only perfect One.
– I hope to look more and more like Jesus.
– The world should be able to see His good work being done within me.

This morning’s teaching was based on the following 8 verses of the Bible:
– John 14:15
– Romans 8:38
– 2 Timothy 3:16-17
– Philippians 1:12
– Romans 8:28
– 1 John 1:8-9