Friday Night Blogroll Review

You’re not fully clean until you’re Zest-fully clean – and it’s not officially Friday night until I’ve had my say on the ‘Blogroll Review’.

Let’s kick this thing into high gear:

Travis reports on The Saturn Project (an emerging rock band). They are changing the world – on the other side of the world in Cambodia.

Kelly is iChatting with Travis LIVE from 12 hours into the future.

Phil explains his clothes. *MAJOR BLOGGIE AWARD WINNER *

Jesse and his bandmates are expanding God’s Kingdom in Cambodia.

Mark didn’t care too much for the R-rated movie that he saw late last night.

Kelly Downing – in her ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ debut – introduces her newborn nephew to the world. Kelly – Don’t you follow my blog ? 

Ritz is a Disciple of Jesus, and he just happens to like the rock band Disciple.

Luci’s been blogging for an entire year !

Garrett is participating in ‘The Red Envelope Project’.

I want to fly on Rush Limbaugh’s Gulfstream jet plane !

Home sales and home prices in Homestead just keep on dropping like a rock !

That’s your week in quality blogging. Let’s just keep on doing our thing !