Saturday Night Retro

I always look forward to doing this every Saturday night. The fact of the matter is that I’m constantly searching for old videos (music or otherwise) from You Tube to inspire me with new ideas for the ‘Retro’. For those (few) of you who have followed me on the web since the mid-1990s and the heyday of my once popular former web site you probably realize that the ‘Saturday Night Retro’ is essentially a modern-day version of ‘The Major’s MASSIVE Memories’.

I had intended to do a completely different ‘Retro’ tonight, but then my impromptu visit to Monkey Jungle earlier today inspired me to “Jump Around” instead:

It’s a U.S. platinum smash from the latter half of 1992 from American / Irish band House Of Pain in honour of St. Patrick’s Day coming up this Tuesday March 17TH. Incidentally on Tuesday night I’ve got a really cool special edition of the ‘Retro’ lined-up – St. Patrick’s Day style. I’ve got two classic Irish bands performing together as one a very traditional Irish song. It’ll make you want to dance a crazy jig right there in your living room mate.

Until then – May the good luck of the Irish be yours !

The Major’s Walk-A-Thon: Special On-Location Edition – Monkey Jungle

My scheduled trip down to Key West and back was cancelled for today and postponed until another day, so what’s a dude to do once he’s cleared out his entire Saturday schedule to get out and do something fun ?

I went to Monkey Jungle !  Here are my takeaways in 15 words or less:

– This is now an annual visit treat.
– I was last there 59 Saturdays ago in January of 2008.
Here’s what I wrote about my adventures back then.
– I got there a few minutes before they officially opened for business.
– I was the first tourist through the gate.
– I love to hang out with the monkeys.
– I think of House Of Pain’s “Jump Around” when I watch them do their thang.
– Mei is my favourite 23-year-old orangutan.
– She was more active this morning than she was 59 weeks ago.
– She has a few tricks up her hairy sleeves.
– She knows sign language.
– She has the same amount of hair as you and me.
– Her hair is obviously longer and thicker than ours.
– She loves her veggies.
– My buddy King – the Western Lowland Gorilla – was up next.
– He’s 40-years-old now, and he seemed more active today too.
– He loves to watch TV and dance to old rock songs.
– He’s just like me.
– He likes to sleep in the shade.
– He doesn’t like to get wet in the rain.
– He enjoyed a previous life in the 1970s as part of a circus act.
– Once again – just like me !  (Just kidding.)
– I enjoyed my two-hour stay at the Jungle of the Monkeys.
– I’ll be back again next year.
– After there I went to Southland Mall.
– It’s the southernmost indoor shopping mall in the continental U.S.
– I walked around the mall for about a half an hour.
– I finally saw the award-winning box office smash “Slumdog Millionaire“.
– I nearly saw it last Christmas before anyone even knew much about it.
– It was a very good movie.
– It deserved all of its critical acclaim.
– After the movie I ate at the all-new Buffalo Wild Wings.
– Wings & Wedges dude – that’s what it’s all about !
– That’s what I did today in lieu of my trip to Key West.
– Be sure to stick around for an all-new ‘Saturday Night Retro’ !
– It’s comin’ up later tonight here on the big green blog.