Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– I enjoy doing these ‘Mini Thoughts’ in 15 words or less.
– It’s because I don’t have to form complete sentences.
– These are known as ‘quickies’.
– That’s because each ‘Mini Thought’ takes 3 seconds or less to read.
– And then you move on to the next one.
– These are spontaneous in nature.
– I have no idea what I’m gonna write until I do so.
– The Stock Market has been surging for the past half a month.
– My retirement savings plan is reaping the benefits of the surge.
– The recession has probably ended already.
– We won’t know for sure that it’s already ended for another 6 months or so.
Checkers now has wings.
– I haven’t picked-up Checkers food in about a dozen years.
– Nah it hasn’t been that long – but it’s been many years.
– Once upon a time it was part of my weekly Lunch schedule.
– And then I boycotted the place due to bad service.
– I’ll give them another chance – if only to check out their wings.
– I might see “I Love You, Man” this weekend at the box office.
– If I do then I’m hangin’ at Buffalo Wild Wings beforehand.
– The outside of my screened front porch is a magnet for millions of gnats.
– I sprayed Hot Shot Flying Insect Killer on them this afternoon.
– That should do the trick.
Ruth is one of my favourite rock bands on this journey.
– The’re from Washington State.
– The’re named after their lead singer’s last name.
– ‘RUTH’ is also an acronym for ‘Return Us To Him’.
– They love and follow Jesus.
– In 2007 they brought it with “Cross The Line”.
– In 2008 they rocked my theme song with “Who I Was And Who I Am”.
– In 2009 they hit all the right notes with “Back To The Five”.
– I absolutely adore this song.
– It’s an instant out-of-the-box radio smash !
– Check it out: