Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It was another crazy busy day at work for me.
– I was away from my desk for over 6 hours.
– I was mostly sitting in conference rooms.
– I actually enjoyed all of my meetings today.
– I’m in a good place at work.
– I’m in the best place ever at work.
– My 24-year D.O.D. career just keeps on reaching amazing new peaks.
– None of this career rejuvenation occurred before the journey began.
– I’ve got a mostly uneventful stay-at-home weekend planned.
– I’ve actually got a lot of things that I need to catch up on.
– My weekend was supposed to start at Lunch time tomorrow.
– That won’t happen now because I have a HUGE meeting in the afternoon.
– I even have to postpone my previously-scheduled dental appointment.
– It looks like I won’t have to issue a ‘Homestead Cold Weather Alert’.
– The unexpected heavy rains of the past 48 hours changed everything.
– I expected up to an inch of rain.
– My neighbourhood picked up about a half a foot of rain !
– The crunchy brown grass is suddenly soft, lush, and green.
– This is my little buddy Pumpkin:

Pumpkin Day
Pumpkin Day

– Me and my brother rescued her from an animal shelter near Jacksonville.
– That was during Thanksgiving Week of 2003.
– I didn’t pick her out of a lineup.
– I picked out a completely different cat.
– The cat that I picked out looked very much like our first cat Fluffy.
– Pumpkin was terrified of me for the first 5 years or so.
– Now Pumpkin loves me.
– She really loves me ! … when I comb her.
– She was my roommate for two nights during my parents’ move to Texas.
– She’s another Day Family transplant from Florida.
– She’ll live northeast of Dallas for the rest of her life.
– Hopefully she lives healthy and happy for at least another decade.
– She succeeds Fluffy and Barney.
– Fluffy was our first cat (1983-2001).
– Barney was our second cat (1987-2006)
– Boots was my cat here in Homestead (1995-2007).
– Now you know the history of all of┬ámy feline family members.