Friday Night Blogroll Review

Let it be known that the weekend has arrived. After 16 months in a row the saga that is the ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ continues …

Travis wraps-up Sunday at Life Pointe.

Kelly presents a special Thursday edition of her award-winning ‘Sunday CHICK-Kabob’, and despite not featuring a single picture of me in the mix (again) I still present to her this week’s Major Bloggie Award !

You won’t catch my good friend P.J. wearing a soft yellow shirt, purple slacks, and a pink hat !

– My fellow 42-year-old friend Mark has a blog that has essentially evolved into a new type of ‘Drudge Report’ for Conservatives everywhere. Sometimes I get a headache reading his blogs (because they make me think too hard), but one blog entry stood out this past week, as I got to play with my toys known as numbers.

Dude this jam from Jesse and The Saturn Project like totally rocks my face off !  This is how I rock and roll !

Alex posted his TOP 5 favourite U.S. cities, and Miami is not one of them. It’s just not dope enough.

Ritz reviews the hot new album ‘Anthems For A Broken World’.

Let us all pray for Luci’s Dad.

See Pastor Paul on Ms. Annie’s blog !

My favourite Pastor in Weston kicks-off a fresh new message series on Easter Sunday, and it’s all about that one question that you would love to ask in church. I’ll be sending in a question of my own.