Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

Since this fresh new format received rave reviews last week I’ll do it again – my bulletted takeaways in 15 words or less:

– It was our first Sunday morning services of 2009.
– Early on we realized that this would not be like the past 6 Sunday mornings.
– It was our most populated Sunday morning since before Thanksgiving !
– I found a new favourite seat in the movie theatre during the first service.
– It’s right next to the front right communion table that I’ve taken control of.
– My brothers and sisters expect me there.
Pastor Travis kicked-off a fresh new message series this morning.
– If you hate only sin and love only God then you can change the world.
– We should be holy in everything we do. [1 Peter 1:15]
– We must be holy because He is holy. [1 Peter 1:16]
– Jesus deserves everything that we have to offer.
– He gave up His Life so that we could live.
– Some people may miss out on Heaven by 18 inches.
– That’s the distance from their head to their heart.
– They may know all about God but they don’t really believe in Him.
– I always believed in Him, but I didn’t know him until about 29 months ago.
– I have peace with God.
– Amen.