Blatant Promotion

3 weeks from today this blog will go on a temporary hiatus for exactly a week. There will be no new blog entries posted from Friday February 06TH through Thursday February 12TH. This will mark the first hiatus of this blog since November 2007, and it will end exactly 445 days in a row (over 63 weeks) of continuous blogging by me.

But have no fear, for this blog will return to action again on Friday the 13TH of February with our regularly-scheduled blog entries – kicking-off with an all-new ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ including the revelation of the next big ‘Major Bloggie’ award winner for the most entertaining blog entry of the week.

TOMORROW (Saturday) I’ve got a very special ‘on-location’ edition of ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’ planned in which I hope to walk several miles over the course of several hours¬†within a currently undisclosed location. Here’s a hint. I won’t be alone. I’ll be among thousands.

Later that night it’s an all-new ‘Retro’, and we’re gonna fight our way back to 1998. Be sure not to miss it my friends.

Until those next two blog entries appear here … REMEMBER THIS !

The Most Convenient Office Ever !
The Most Convenient Office Ever !

Friday Night Blogroll Review

For the 59TH Friday night in a row with absolutely no interruptions whatsoever – it’s the one blog entry each week that salutes all of my other favourite blogs:

Travis states that you can’t change the world without your world being changed.

Kelly’s laptop crashed – because she dropped it onto the hard floor below !

Phil and Marcela have a dog named Max that thinks he’s a cat !

Jesse got to hang out with Reina y Diego in cyberspace !

Alex is leading the LPC interns.

Mark was not arrested this past week for breaking in to the LPC offices.

Everyone calls him ‘Ritz’, but does anyone know why ?

Rebecca is keeping warm in the freezing cold weather of Tallahassee by singing and dancing to salsa musica.

Luci does not participate in Miami road rage.


That’s how we blog. Let’s just keep on doing our thing !