Saturday Night Retro

1998 – What a crazy year it was (for me anyway). It was a party year. It’s the year that I went from 30 to 31-years-old. I was living in my current home. I was working at the place that I still work at today. I had my young and healthy feline buddy Boots running energetically all throughout my home. When I wasn’t at home or at work I was probably driving around in my dark green 1997 Saturn SL1 that looked just like this:

1997 Saturn SL1
1997 Saturn SL1

I was a loyal Y-100 listener in 1998, and some of the hottest pop and rock bands on the radio back then included ‘N Sync, Fastball, Matchbox Twenty, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Aerosmith.

Here’s a track that was particularly big all around the world (aside from here in the U.S.). It’s a modern 1998 Eurodance update to a 1974 U.S. Disco smash. You probably know the original version, and some of you can even perform the dance moves to it as well. It’s “Kung Fu Fighting”, and Carl Douglas performed it originally while the British dance crew Bus Stop modernized it in 1998. It went a little something like this:

The Major’s Walk-A-Thon: Special On-Location Edition – Miami Metrozoo

This morning I took my walk to Miami Metrozoo.

Here are my takeaways in 15 words or less:

– I walked about 3 miles – completely around the park – clockwise.
– I got there as soon as they opened the gates at 9:30 AM.
– There weren’t very many people there that early.
– 3½-hours later I had seen and done it all.
– By the time I had left it was getting crowded.
– That was good to see during these troubled economic times.
– The weather was ideal for a morning at the zoo – sunny, cool, and dry.
– I love to visit the zoo because as a kid I never got to go.
– Nobody would take me.
– I loved watching the Gibbons jump around and howl at the moon.
– Kangaroos have real strong hind legs but wimpy fore legs.
– The Giant Tortoises were old, and they barely moved.
– They can live for 150 to 200 years with the right conditions.
– That’s probably why the’re so slow and never in a hurry.
– I visited the new ‘Amazon And Beyond’ area which just opened.
– It was pretty cool. They did a nice job with it.
– The Jaguar(s) were hiding. I barely caught a glimpse of one.
– I sat there and watched an African Elephant eat hay for several minutes.
– That trunk only picks up the finest grass and shoves it in his mouth.
– I could watch that for an hour and be wildly entertained.
– One of the top moments of my walk – the giraffe feeding.
– This large family with kids stepped up to the elevated balcony.
– 3 hungry giraffes were willing and ready to receive their weeds.
– They were so gentle while pulling the goods out of the kids’ hands.
– I sat there and watched them eat their MASSIVE meal for 10 minutes.
– Giraffes have 7 bones in their long necks – the same as we do !
– When the Andean Condor flaps its wings hold on to your wigs !
– They’d rather be high above a mountain range rather than near sea level.
– The low altitude must be giving them a headache.
– I got within inches of a Lowland Gorilla.
– I was in a cave and he was leaning against the window (from the outside).
– He has much more hair on his back side than me.
– He eats his food just like you and me – with his hands.
– His feet looked like giant hands.
– The Chimpanzee ?  The’re 98% just like us.
– Those Gemsboks have some mighty wicked horns.
– They could stab virtually any other animal with them.
– The lion growled a few times and then took a breather.
– I enjoyed my walk through the Aviary.
– I could just sit in there watching the birds fly by for an hour.
– It’s been many years since I was last here at the zoo.
– I think I was last here about 7 years ago (maybe) in 2002.
– I need to visit more often – like every year.
– Maybe I should visit every January and make it a new tradition.
– I enjoy hangin’ out with the animals.
– I think I’ll go to Monkey Jungle within the next couple of months.
– I was last there a year ago next weekend. Read all about it.