Blatant Promotion

TOMORROW MORNING I fully intend to wake up sometime before 7 AM, take a hot shower, put on some cool clothes, and then proceed to venture outside and walk around my neighbourhood for a couple of miles. I call it ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’, and you’ll be able to read all about it right here on the big green blog.

Later in the day on Saturday be sure to catch another smokin’ hot new edition of ‘The Major’s Saturday Night Fever DISCO Party’ ‘Saturday Night Retro’ as I take you back – way back to 1979 !

I’m getting indications that North America’s continental weather pattern is about to make a major shift, and that could mean the end of all of this warm weather that we’ve been experiencing here in America’s Riviera over the past 30 days or so. In fact I may be issuing a ‘Homestead Cold Weather Alert’ sometime early next week in anticipation of temperatures falling into the 40s !  Stay tuned for that one !

So that’s what I’ve got in store for the big green blog real soon. Be sure to stick around and check in from time to time. You won’t regret it pal !

Miami made International news headlines again today for another nutty incident. Hundreds and hundreds of shoes were dumped on a half-mile stretch of a Palmetto Expressway overpass early this morning near the Don SHOE-LA Expressway (sorry – I just had to go there), and it snarled rush hour traffic for miles and miles. Read (and see) all about it here (courtesy of WTVJ NBC-6), and (courtesy of CNN) – REMEMBER THIS !

Friday Night Blogroll Review

I call these bloggers and their blogs my favourites in the entire blogosphere:

It’s the ‘Top 10 Events In 2008 For Life Pointe Church’ as told by Travis.

Kelly breaks-out the photo album and shows us her red and green pics.

P.J. McDuffy ushered in 2009 with all ‘New Thoughts’.

Rock Star Jesse looks back at 2008 and looks ahead at 2009

Billy presents ‘Letter To God’ – a funny Christmas story that wins this week’s covetted ‘Major Bloggie‘ award. Thanks for the giggles Finch !

So yeah David ‘The Ritz Man’ like totally recaps 2008 dudezzz.

Mark S. – in his grande ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ debut – airs his wish list for 2009. His New Year’s Resolution is to blog consistently. Cool !

David C. remembers all of the various message series of 2008 at LPC.

Luciana tells it like it was for her family in 2008.

Do you have a blog that you’d like for me to review on a weekly basis ?  Let me know about it, and I’ll check it out !