The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

I think that I ate at least a couple of pounds of hot and delicious Chinese Food today for Lunch at Homestead‘s Peking House – Ela’s favourite place to call for food delivered straight to her front door. I’m sure that she’s got the hip joint as her top speed dial !  😀

So here’s my Fortune Cookie message from today’s Lunch:

‘Find release from your cares, have a good time.’

My Response:  Release = Sleep

Monday Night Countdown

It’s my TOP 5 favourite hit music artists of 2008 !

5.  Hawk Nelson – “Friend Like That” was MASSIVE !

4.  The Wedding – “Staring At The Light”, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”, “Receive”, and “Return” all rocked 2008 hard !

3.  Capital Lights – The one-two power-pop punch of “Out Of Control” and “Outrage” made me their biggest fan in Homestead !

2.  Falling Up – Their 2006 hit “Contact” was part of the soundtrack of my awakening during that Summer. They are a hit music making machine. Hits # 5 (“Goodnight Gravity”) and # 6 (“Maps”) from them since the start of my journey have been their best works to date !

1.  Children 18:3 – I think that even ‘Ritz The Trustworthy Teen‘ may be – yeah – shocked – to find out that this is my favourite rock band of the year. OK so they are hardcore punk brothers and a sister who are about half my age and probably shop a lot at Hot Topic, but kid they ROCK my face off !  “Homemade Valentine” is my current favourite smash hit on the radio !

Here’s one of their big smash hits from 2008 – “All My Balloons (Are Popping)”.