Saturday Night Retro

2002 – What can I say about this crazy year in my previous life ?  It kicked-off in a wild way in January – a family vacation en Viva La$ Vega$ – my first visit there. Me, Brother, Mom, and Dad stayed at the New York-New York, and we enjoyed the sights and the sounds of the Las Vegas Strip for the first time ever. We returned to our respective realities (homes) exactly 7 years ago today – on the 24TH of January. Me and my brother had such an excellent time there that we decided to return (on our own) just 4 months later in May 2002. We went back for a 3RD visit in January 2005, and I haven’t been back since. My brother’s been back at least a couple of times since then – most recently a couple of weeks ago (on alleged business).

2002 was also the start (and peak) of my own personal European Techno era in which I totally lived for the hard breakbeats of the house. I think that me and my brother would totally agree that it all started at the RumJungle. We would also agree that it all started with this amazing breakthrough techno track from German DJs Voodoo & Serano. Check it out here for your Retro review: