Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Here’s what’s on my mind on this Tuesday night:

1.  I just returned home from Publix at the Oasis Plaza in Homestead. It’s where shopping is a pleasure. It would have been more of a pleasure if there were less people there. That joint was jumpin’. There is no recession in effect at Publix.

2.  Traffic in and around Homestead has been extra nightmarish lately with all of the tourists mixing in with all of the snowbirds from Quebec mixing in with us natives of the land. I’ve been averaging at least a couple of near-death experiences on the roads per each mile traveled.

3.  I just turned on the A.C. in my home for the first time in two weeks. It was approaching the 80°F mark in my living room. Our next frigid outbreak is still on track to arrive during the day on Friday. On Saturday we may actually struggle to reach 60°F all day long !  Are you paying attention Kelly J. ?

4.  The hot new Burger King on Speedway Boulevard just north of Biscayne Drive (in front of the Home Depot) is now open for business – and half of the base clogged up their parking lot – and their arteries !  That’s 4 Burger Kings around Homestead – but not in Homestead.

5.  There’s a really cool video on You Tube of a dude who is a passenger of a vehicle that’s driving all around the Homestead Air Force Base that once existed in 1989. He’s using his camcorder to record the drive all throughout our absolutely gorgeous and totally vibrant base at the time. He probably sent it home for his family to watch way back then. The video brought tears to my ears. Our current Air Reserve Base is merely a shell of what it once was, but I must admit that we have made substantial progress since Hurricane Andrew destroyed everything that we had nearly 17 years ago.

Thank You for sharing your time with me by reading these thoughts o’ mine.